AO smith geyser customer care Hyderabad

We would like to thank you for the trust you have shown in choosing the geyser clinic for your geyser repair solutions in Hyderabad for the last 5 years. We deal with all types of geyser brands at your doorstep in Hyderabad. If you need any information or assistance with your AO smith water heater just call us (or) book your complaint now from any part of Hyderabad. AO Smith water heater customer care Hyderabad toll-free number 79971 00064.

TOP AO smith geyser models to buy in India

why do people prefer the AO Smith geyser

  •  advanced technology
  •  superior quality
  •  expert service
  •  energy saving
  •  made better

AO smith geyser installation caution guidelines

  • Connect the water heater using independent sockets,  do not use adaptors.  use a multimeter to check whether the live line and neutral Line or not reversed,  to ensure complete safety.
  •  before installing the water heater,  confirm that the power of the water heater matches the electric meter capacity and supply white.
  •  the water heater should be earthed reliably.  it is prohibited to connect the earth wire to neutral wires on the tap water pipe

Common troubleshooting problems in AO smith geyser 

  •  green Android light off
  •  no hot water
  •   water temperature is too high
  •  water heat slowly
  •  piping connection leaks
  •  tank parts leak

Note: Call AO smith geyser customer care service in Hyderabad: 79971 00064