Orient Aura Neo

Product Overview:

With high-grade ABS plastic outer body and high efficient heavy copper heating element, Orient Aura Neo Instant Water Heater gives you hot water instantly. Available in 1 L and 3 L variant, it comes with heavy copper with nickel coated heating element with 3000/4500 Watt power for quick and faster hot water. It is suitable for high-rise buildings with up to 6.5 bar pressure which is suitable for high rise buildings which prevents tank leakage and withstands high pressure and is loaded with some unique safety features for tension-free usage. Its shock-proof, water-proof high-grade plastic body ensures corrosion resistance even in coastal areas and stays new for a long duration. It has a neon indicator that indicated power and heating. Suitable for use in bathrooms as well as kitchen

Key Features:

Type: Instant

Mount Type: Vertical

Storage Capacity   : 3 Ltr

Power Consumption: 4500 W

Weight: 3.3 Kg

Height   : 42.5 Cm

Width   : 22.5 Cm

Depth   : 26.5 Cm

Suitable for: Bathroom and Kitchen

Rated Pressure: 6.5 bar

Tank Material: Stainless Steel

Thermostat: Yes

Fire Retardant Cable: Yes

Thermal Cutoff: Yes


  • The Water heater is of Instant type which can store hot water and is useful for both bathroom and kitchen
  • The Water heater has a storage capacity of 3 ltr. The more the Storage Capacity, the more the users can be served for bathing.
  • The Water heater has a pressure rating of 6.5 bar. The Water heaters with a pressure rating of less than 8 bars are not suitable for high rise buildings.
  • The Water heater is of Vertical mount type which is suitable for large wall spaces.

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