Orient Enamour

 Product Overview:

There is nothing more comforting than having hot water at your disposal anytime during the chilling winters. The Orient electric enamor range of water heaters anti-siphon and multi-valve technology deliver outstanding performance. The elegant white finish of this instant water heater will complement any wall color or tile pattern inside your bathroom. The superior quality, coupled with a longer warranty, makes this instant geyser a must-have for your home this winter.

Key Features:

Type: Storage

Mount Type: Vertical

Storage Capacity: 25 Ltr

Power Consumption: 200 W

Weight: 8 Kg

Height   : 50.7 Cm

Width   : 51.1 Cm

Depth   : 35.5 Cm

Suitable for: Bathroom

Rated Pressure: 6.5 bar

Tank Material: Glassline

Adjustable Thermostat: Yes

Fire Retardant Cable: Yes

Thermal Cutoff: Yes


  • The Water heater is of Storage type which can store hot water and is useful for bathroom
  • The Water heater has a storage capacity of 25 ltr. The more the Storage Capacity, the more the users can be served for bathing.
  • The Water heater has a pressure rating of 6.5 bar. The Water heaters with a pressure rating of less than 8 bars are not suitable for high rise buildings.
  • The Water heater is of Vertical mount type which is suitable for large wall spaces.

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