Orient Vento 6

Product Overview:

Don’t let power cuts and inconsistent power supply get in your way of a warm shower. This LPG variant of Orient electric Vento Gas water heater provides hot water throughout summer and winter with more than 84 percent efficiency. It features a beautifully crafted sleek body with a digital display indicating temperature and low battery. It has a 3-row burner and variable pressure compatibility of 0.1 to 8 Bar. Other salient features include 20 minutes OFF timer, 3-row burner and pressure bearing capacity of up to 8 Bar.

Key Features:

Type: Gas

Mount Type: Vertical

Storage Capacity: 6 Ltr

Power Consumption: 20 W

Weight   : 3 Kg

Height   : 44 Cm

Width   : 34 Cm

Depth: 14 Cm

Suitable for: Bathroom

Tank Material: Stainless Steel

Adjustable Thermostat: Yes

Fire Retardant Cable: Yes

Thermal Cutoff: Yes


  • The Water heater is of the Gas type which can be useful for the kitchen
  • The Water heater has a storage capacity of 6 ltr. The more the Capacity, the more the users can be served for bathing/ wash.
  • The Water heater is of Vertical mount type which is suitable for large wall spaces.

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