Orient water heater service in Hyderabad

Geyser Clinic is the best choice to get your Orient Geyser repaired as we provide the best Orient water heater service in Hyderabad. We service both electric and gas water heaters of the Orient. Our technicians are capable of servicing all brands of Orient geysers.

Geyser Clinic gives you 100% quality service. We use genuine parts while servicing Orient geysers so need not worry about the frequent breakdown of parts of geyser even after repairing. If you are looking for the best service center for Orient geyser installation, repair and servicing then we are just one call away. We understand the importance of having 24/7 availability of hot water in your home, in a city like Hyderabad where weather demands us to bathe using hot water. We provide doorstep service, same day repairing work with affordable prices and reliable services. We have our authorized service center so that you can expect the quality service for your geyser. As we know the importance of hot water, we don’t delay to attend your call and our team will always complete service on the same day. It doesn’t matter where you live in or which model of Orient geyser you have, at Geyser Clinic we undertake to repair of geyser in all areas of Hyderabad and all models of Orient geyser. Our well-equipped technicians will reach the service location on time so that you won’t have to postpone or cancel your pre-planned endeavors.

You can either book your complaint by calling for our service or fill out our online Complaint booking form to get your complaint registered. 

Why Geyser Clinic is the best Orient water heater service in the market?

1. Our Technicians are the best in the market with over 10 years’ experience.

2. Our technicians are professionals who provide a completely hassle-free service.

3. The Spare parts our technicians use are 100% genuine. 

4. No hidden or extra charges and no fake promises

5. Technicians from Geyser Clinic provide services at more affordable and reasonable charges.

6. Our Technicians will call you within minutes of your complaint being registered.

7. Customer Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

7. You can rely on us for the best service in Hyderabad.

We can assure you to count on us for an affordable, hassle-free and super fast repair of your Orient Water Heater.

Different Water Heater models of Orient:

1. Storage Water Heater:

2. Instant Water Heater:

3. Gas Water Heater:

  • Orient Vento Gas Water Heater

4. Immersion Water Heater:

  • Orient Hotstar Immersion Water Heater
  • Orient Hotstar Spiral Immersion Water Heater

Common questions generally asked by Orient Customers:

Q1:  Can I connect the water pump to the water heater?

Ans: Yes, you can. But the pressure of the pump must less than 8 Bar (0.8Mpa). Because the Orient water heater can withstand 8 bar pressure. If you aren’t sure how to do it, then call Geyser Clinic which provides the best Orient water heater service in Hyderabad.

Q2:  Can one Water heater be connected to two bathrooms?

Ans: Yes. One water heater can be connected to two bathrooms because it is cold storage type and high working efficiency. You may ask the Geyser Clinic plumber to connect the hot water pipe to another bathroom or kitchen with a pipeless than 8m, otherwise, it’ll take a longer time to get cold water. Contact Geyser Clinic which provides the best Orient water heater service in Hyderabad to get it done within minutes.

Q3: What are the safety precautions to be followed?

Ans: 1. The water heater must have a separate power socket and a reliable grounding line. 

2. Please do not plug and unplug the power cord with your wet hand.

3. When the first using, do not power on the water heater before the tank has been fully filled with water.

4. Before bathing, adjust the mixing water temperature to a comfortable temperature in order to avoid scalding. Be careful, water above 50 ℃ may cause scalding.

5. There is a magnesium rod inside the tank and used for protecting it is not eroded, 2~3 years please replace it.

6. When you will be not at home for a long time, please close the water inlet valve and power it off to avoid any potential safety problems.

7. When your water heater has any malfunction, please do not open the cover of the machine yourself, please contact the Orient service number.

Contact Geyser Clinic which provides the best Orient water heater service in Hyderabad to get it done within minutes.

Q4: What do I do in the case of Water Leakage?

Ans:  Please check if the water is dropping water from safety valve (a small part connected with water heater inlet), if yes, this is normal on internal pressure release. Contact Geyser Clinic which provides the best Orient water heater service in Hyderabad to get your Water heater repaired within minutes.

Q5: Why does it feel as if the heating speed is slow sometimes?Ans: This tends to happen in the electricity peak season and time period. As the power voltage is low, the electric heater of the water heater works at a low level of power; On the other hand, heating to the set temperature makes the temperature difference becoming greater because water temperature in the water heater cylinder is low. Therefore working time is extended, and it is felt that the heating speed slows down on the water heater.

Orient water heater service in Hyderabad