AO Smith SDS-Plus Geyser


SDS-PLUS series is designed for maximum energy efficiency. SDS-PLUS is a BEE 5 star rated product with superior performance and international quality. It comes with patented Blue Diamond coated tank, convenient temperature settings, changeable colour panels and longer warranties.
Standard Fitment is white body with white panel & ivory body with ivory panel. 

MRP:  9,800/-

Body Type: Prismatic (storage)


Explore AR View

Steps to view in AR

Open your phone camera and scan the QR code.
Once your camera turns on, scan your kitchen/bathroom wall for 5-10 seconds.
View and explore the SDS-PLUS Water Heater that appears on the wall.
Note: Please ensure that you stay 2 meters from the wall for the best experience.

Product Benefits

Longer life

Longer life in toughest water conditions with Blue Diamond® glass lined tank.

Maximum energy savings

Maximum energy savings with BEE 5 Star rating.



Superior performance

Superior performance with incoloy heating element.



Temperature Control Knob 

Temperature Control Knob Easy temperature settings.



Long-lasting Anode Rod

2X lifespan as compared to normal magnesium rod.


Advanced PUF Insulation

Advanced PUF Insulation: High energy efficiency and power savings.


AO smith SDS-plus Geyser Specification

  • Power[W] 2000
  • Voltage/Frequency[V/Hz] 230~/50
  • Temperature range[°C] 25-75*
  • Rated water pressure [N/cm2]
  • Rated water pressure [water head(meters)] 80
  • Inlet/Outlet connections [inch] 1/2BSP
  • Weight 6.3kg
  • Volume 6L
  • Actual Stdg. Loss [kWh/24h/45°C diff] 0.28
  • Reheating time for 35°C rise [in min] 6
  • Dimensions (in mm) [H*W*D] 317 X 317 X 258 mm

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